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Joan B.

Joan B.

My condo home owners association has been using this business for the cleaning of our common areas for 10 years. Each month they have worked independently without need to oversight from the association… and this is why they were hired. They can be trusted to provide perfect service whether owners are onsite or not. This includes vacuuming flights of stairwell carpet, washing tile flooring and wood baseboards, sweeping out the garage and hosing off the sidewalks. In one hour it is amazing what they are able to accomplish.

I have personally used this business for the annual thorough cleaning of my own condo unit. This includes getting highway soot from window tracks, dusting/cleaning venetian blinds and cleaning my stove and frig to the point they are spotless inside and out. As elders this cleaning service is invaluable to my husband and I. We return to a condo unit that literally sparkles.

Seattle, WA

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